Subaru XV 4WD 2.0i-L


Subaru XV AWD, a vehicle that epitomizes power, performance, and convenience. Packed with an array of advanced features, this crossover is built to take you on exhilarating journeys while ensuring your comfort and safety.

One standout feature of the Subaru XV AWD is its cruise control system, making long drives more enjoyable and effortless. Whether you’re embarking on a weekend getaway or cruising down the highway during your daily commute, this system allows you to set your desired speed, sit back, and let the vehicle take over, ensuring a relaxed and stress-free experience.

Additionally, the XV AWD boasts a power seat option that offers unmatched convenience and customization. Safety is also a paramount focus, and the XV AWD incorporates advanced traction control technology. This feature constantly monitors road conditions and applies brakes to individual wheels, ensuring optimal grip and stability on any terrain. From slippery roads to unexpected obstacles, this system enables you to maintain control and confidently take on challenging driving scenarios. Its all-wheel-drive capability makes it a formidable contender for any weather condition or off-road adventure. Whether you’re navigating through city streets, winding country roads, or venturing off the beaten path, the XV AWD provides the traction and stability you need to conquer any terrain with ease.

In conclusion, the Subaru XV AWD surpasses expectations with its extraordinary combination of cutting-edge features. From the convenience of cruise control and power seating to the safety and performance offered by advanced traction control and all-wheel drive, this crossover embodies the spirit of adventure while ensuring your comfort and peace of mind. Get behind the wheel of the Subaru XV AWD and experience a driving experience like no other.

Basic Details

Vehicle Name Subaru XV 4WD 2.0i-L
Year 2012
Mileage 61,400Miles/ 98,816km
Entertainment Japanese Navi/CD Player/Radio
Multi Function Steering Cruise Control
Engine 2000CC
Transmission Automatic/Paddle Shift
Wheel All Wheel Drive (AWD)

  General Features

Color Mattalic Tangerin Orange Pearl
Air Conditioning Dual/Yes
Power Steering Yes
Power Windows Yes
Seat Capacity 5
Idle Stop Yes
Cruise Control yes
Seat Power Seat
Head Light Washer
Eco Mode Yes



Side Mirror Electric Storage Yes
Smart Key Keyless Entry
Auto Light Yes


Subaru XV 4WD 2.0i-L



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