Toyota Hilux Surf 4WD 1998

Original price was: $15,500.Current price is: $12,450.

Toyota Hilux Surf 1998 – an exquisite automobile that is bound to capture your attention. Impeccably maintained and boasting a mint condition, this vehicle exemplifies perfection both inside and out. With no signs of corrosion or rust, its flawless exterior shines magnificently, while the interior showcases a level of refinement that is unmatched. 

What sets this particular Hilux Surf apart is its unusually low mileage, standing at an impressive 47,450 miles for a model from 1998. With such an exceptional mileage count, this vehicle proves to be an extremely rare find, making it all the more desirable. With its robust 4WD capabilities, the Toyota Hilux Surf ensures a smooth and powerful driving experience both on and off-road. Furthermore, its eligibility for export stateside starting next year adds to its allure, providing an opportunity for potential buyers to experience the prestigious Toyota Hilux Surf firsthand. 

Whether you seek an eye-catching beauty that turns heads on the road or a reliable, enduring machine that possesses remarkable longevity, the Toyota Hilux Surf 1998 delivers on all fronts. Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of automotive excellence that combines unrivaled quality, pristine aesthetics, and remarkable future prospects.

 Basic Details

Vehicle Name Hilux Surf 5D 4WD SSR-X
Make Toyota
Year 1998
Color Beige 
Mileage 47,432Miles / 76,840 kms
Engine Capacity 2,700 cc
JCI Valid till 2025-January
SKU No. YD0393


General Features




Retract Mirror Yes
Auto Lights Yes
AC 100V Plug Yes
Wheel 4Wheel drive
Eco Mode Yes
Spare Wheel Yes
ETC Enabled Yes
Power Windows Yes
Power Steering Yes
Sunroof Yes



Toyota Hilux Surf 4WD 1998

Original price was: $15,500.Current price is: $12,450.


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